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Last month I had the chance to treat myself attending the Detox workshop hosted by Monica Durigon and Silvia Giunta. I was expecting to have a fancy relaxing day, as I had but actually it was lots more. I left the workshop with a little bit more of knowledge about homeopathy and nutrition and it finished off with a yoga and gong bath meditation, that I both loved. As a Chef I can do confirm that we were served up with really delicious, healthy organic snacks, lunch and yummy raw fresh juices and last but not least I had the chance to met some lovely new people.

Thank you Monica and Silvia.

Silvia Larini Windsor February 13, 2017

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A very informative morning learning about toxicity and how to tackle it through with homeopathy and nutrition in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in a cosy home.

Healthy snacks, yummy juices and delicious soups and salads during the breaks kept us happy throughout the day, and to finish off after a lovely Yoga class, an amazing gong bath meditation.

The whole experiences was thoroughly enjoyable with lovely hostesses always smiling!

Simona Faifer Ascot February 13, 2017

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A lovely day of pampering one's self in a way that is unusual and thought provoking leaving you with an uplifting and positive feeling to approach eating, living and exercising in a invigorated way.

Monica and Silvia are experts in their field and passionate about their 'craft'. They have designed this course with enormous attention to detail and ensure your every need is met.

They give you the tools and resources necessary to take their ideas forward in your own life.
The other people who joined the course were all lovely and there was a great sense of respect for each other.
The food, location and facilitators were all excellent.

This is a course for someone who needs to be reminded about themselves. An opportunity to refocus on the core essentials that are important for them as an individual.

Thoroughly recommended.

Suzie Tuomey Windsor February 11, 2017

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I attended the first Happy Saturday Series in January. I have previously seen Silvia for homeopathy treatment and also Monica for a nutrition program. Both Silvia and Monica have helped me so much with their personalised treatment so I was delighted when they decided to do a retreat day. Everything was perfect from the organisation prior to the day, the location, the delicious welcome treats, juices and teas, and lunch. The presentation/ discussions re homeopathy and nutrition were really informative and really opened my eyes. Both therapists are very knowledgeable and answered everyone's questions and concerns with clarity.

The yoga, gong bath meditation, and the most delicious turmeric tea were the perfect most relaxing end to a perfect day.
The retreat felt like a house in the country with friends and 3 fabulous chefs. If only it didn't go so quickly!
If you want to learn more about alternative therapies, how to improve your health and your family's health and you need to relax I urge you to attend a Happy Saturday Series retreat day. You won't regret it and I promise it will leave you refreshed, relaxed and wanting more

Victoria Kerr Windsor February 11, 2017

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Silvia's approach is friendly and professional. She showed a thorough knowledge of her field and the capacity to listen and understand what I needed providing me with effective solutions. She is very reactive to changes and shows genuine interest in the patient' s well being.

VV Wimbledon April 15, 2014

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My daughter and I have been seeing Silvia for over a year. My daughter had recurrent ear infections and was always very run down. But numerous visits to the doctors and numerous courses of antibiotics didn't help. Silvia used the biofeedback machine and was able to pinpoint exactly what was causing my daughter to be so run down and gave her remedies to help her and also recommended which vitamins she needed. My daughter has been well ever since.

I first saw Silvia after a miscarriage she helped rebalance my hormones and helped with my emotional state and I was soon pregnant again. Throughout my pregnancy I visited Silvia and she helped me with stress and anxiety and general well being. After my csection Silvia gave me remedies to help heal my body and my emotions.

I cannot praise Silvia enough. She is very thorough, friendly, approachable and knowledgeable. Homeopathy is amazing and I will always turn to Silvia before a GP from now on.

VK April 15, 2014

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My allergies started when I was 17 years old and became worst when I moved to London a few years ago. I had symptoms on a regular basis regardless of the season, my eyes were itchy and I always looked as If I had been crying; I was feeling dizzy, sleepy and tired so much so that it was hard to concentrate. After trying many different therapies I decided to try Homeopathy.

I saw Silvia for a few months at 4 weekly intervals and I'm happy to say that I have been allergy free for 4 months now. I've been living with allergies for so long that I can't believe it's gone and hoping it will never come back. thank you so much Silvia for helping me ! thank you!

ID April 15, 2014

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My 9 year old daughter had been having terrible migraines causing her to be violently sick for over 18 months. We saw a paediatrician and my daughter also had a MRI scan. Nothing abnormal was detected and we were told the only thing was to put her on daily medication.

I definitely did not want to do this so decided to go down an alternative route.
I e mailed a few friends and asked if anyone knew a homeopath and one recommended Silvia to me. We have been seeing Silvia since January 14 and touch wood my daughter has had no more migraines!

Silvia is fantastic and I would definitely recommended her. As a family we have never used alternative medicine but it has definitely been worth it for us.
Thank you Silvia, long may the migraines cease to occur!

KH Windsor April 15, 2014